Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've been very confused with a particular situation for sometime know, but I keep telling my self that there is a greater meaning for the situation to be in my life. I just wish God would let me in on His little secrete...I'm almost positive I would be 99.9% less stressed out right know.

I need a vacation...and the beauty of that statement is that on May 18th I'm getting just that!!! Me and my best friend Jennifer are going to the outlet mall in Round Rock....just 3 days of relaxing shopping, well window shopping, cause I'm still a poor poor poor college student....but hopefully over the summer I will be getting lots of phone calls, text, and emails from mamma's needing a few hours (or lots of hours) to themselves....

I keep telling my self that tomorrow is FRIDAY and I'm going to a Kevin Fowler concert in I'm praying the relieve just a little of my stress for just a few hours....I'm thanking GOD that I was able to find someone to go with...WOOO WHOO for Kevin Fowler!!!!

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