Tuesday, January 13, 2009

iMac Photo's

I have the urge to write on my blog...but small problem...writers block struck just as a logged in to blogger world...but then I saw it "iMac pics" so I'll leave what very few reader I have with some photo's over the last 2 years.
Cameron & Kayla's Prom 2008

Mothers Day- 2006
Uncle Tommy, Cindy, Granny

Granny's 87th Birthday Party
Aunt Barbra, Granny

Graduation Party-2007
Andrew,Me, Dulcie

Cameron's Confirmation-May 2008


tylota said...

Cool Pictures!
I love the one of Granny and Aunt Barbara! They look so much alike... I saved it to my computer... Sorry for stealing! ;)

Melissa said...

awww the new background is pretty :]

Sean and Stephanie said...

These are great photos, Megan, and I love your new background!

Also, thanks for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

nice blog! Thanks for sharing!